Tips to Load the Trunk of Your Car Distributed

Most of the people will choose the road and our car to reach holiday destinations. When making these trips, it is important to take a series of precautions that we should not forget.

The trunk is one of the key parts when making a trip. Although sometimes we do not take it into account, a poorly distributed load can be lethal. Proper distribution and restraint are key because badly attached luggage can become a deadly projectile not only in case of an accident but also in heavy braking. Therefore, before starting the trip, try to check how your car reacts when it is loaded. In addition to the loss of power, the braking distance can extend.

the trunk

All items in the trunk

Placing all objects in the trunk is very important. We must take into account that this cabin has specially developed for that, so we should avoid placing thermal refrigerators, bags, or other packages in the rear seats. They can become a real problem in case of an accident, no matter how light they may seem at first.

Compensate the load

That all objects are in the trunk is not the only requirement. We must place the load in a compensated way to avoid imbalances that can affect the stability of our car. We must not fall into the error of placing all the weight on one side. Therefore, place the heaviest packages at the bottom and can be at the bottom. Next, fill in the rest of the spaces with the lightest packages looking for anchor points and stability.

At the same time, try not to fill the trunk full, because on the way back it may not be so easy to reload them. An unwritten law makes it always more complicated to load packages on the way back. If there are too many spaces, do not forget to hold the load with elastic “octopuses” or nets. It will make driving safer. It is advisable to fasten the rear belts even if no one goes.

the trunk

Take the essentials

Sometimes it cannot be very easy to pack, determine what you are going to take or not. Regardless of the destination, I will use the umbrella, the bucket, and the shovel with endless objects. Therefore, try to eliminate all superfluous luggage. Do not carry packages that you are not sure you will use. The trunk is not a bottomless bag! Making a list in the days before the trip can help you be more rigorous.

It is not advisable to deposit luggage in the car roof. But when it is essential, it prevents the bulges from protruding from the perimeter of the vehicle and make sure that they are firmly secured and that the front part is not higher than the rear. The best beaches are the closed ones, conceived as hermetic boot, with lock and aerodynamic shape.

In the case of carrying bicycles, hold them firmly because, in case of an accident, they can cause serious damage to the drivers behind your vehicle. Normally there are three attachment points. This last hold must be very firm.

Even so, before climbing the bicycles, take out all the accessories that may fall (drums, odometer, inflator. It would help if you also remembered that it is advisable to reduce speed with mounted bicycles, as aerodynamics will be affected. It is advisable not to exceed 120 km / h. By the way, do you know that some bike racks that are attached to the tailgate are not legal? In this post, we explain all the

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