The Ultimate Guide to Bleed Cooling System on BMW X3

Today we are going to show you how to bleed the cooling system on a BMW especially on an x3. We’re demonstrating. We have to replace the overflow bottle because it cracked in started leaking and we already added some antifreeze.

The Ultimate Guide to Bleed Cooling System on BMW X3

First, you need to turn the key to the second position, before we start the car and you can see all the lights on. And make sure that the heater is all the way up all the way on maximum. It’s circulating the fluid and you’re not going to need to start the vehicle, do not start it and now you can hear the pump the electric pump. There is an electric pump that we just turn on by turning the ignition key on the second position.

The Ultimate Guide to Bleed Cooling System on BMW X3

We need to open that screw on that upper radiator hose, remove that screw to make sure that you have something under the vehicle to get all the coolant. Get a funnel and you need to start adding coolant and you will see and will start coming out of the upper radiator hose. We need to go slow you can see stepwell, you need to go very slow and out a little bit so that way it doesn’t leak always sit on out.

You can see the air coming out, so we need to do that until you make sure that there is no we’re coming out for probably at least 30 seconds of padding. And by having the key on second position is circulating the coolant to the cylinder head and this is the upper point. We don’t get any air out any more of this one bubble so need to make sure that there is no we’re coming out at all and okay a little bit more. We will need to add a little bit more until the point that you don’t see any air because if you do you can overheat the engine.

You need to install the screw again and put it on, before finish the procedure, we need to prevent from the overheating and blowing up a hose over the radiator. That DA is too full and it doesn’t need to be that full because if it stays like that, it creates too much pressure when the car gets hot and you will either mess up a hose over the radiator will go up. It can actually go a little bit down so that way you know that you didn’t overfill it end up.

And you need to run the car, let it cool and check the same procedure again and make sure that your level is good. Because it might take a little bit more and now you can turn that heater down, a lot the whole procedure.

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