How to improve car headlight with LEDs?

One of the problems we have today is that the area in which our car’s bulbs located is getting smaller. The efforts of engine manufacturers to reduce the available space makes access to the headlight area and handling of the bulbs more complex.

But, we still have a method to improve your car’s lighting and safety without dazzling the rest of the traffic and perfectly legal.


Modern Led Lights for Replacement


We can replace the original headlight bulb with LEDs. These small led bulbs generate a greater amount of light, more stable, and for a longer time so that the need to change the bulbs reduced. At the same time, the quality of the lighting also improved, giving you greater security on your trips.

LED bulbs are all you need to take your vehicle lighting one step ahead. These modern lights have a system based on modern LED technology, which offers a greater amplitude of the image radiation, also improving the brightness and quality of the lighting.

car headlight

You Can Install on Your Own


Although there is the possibility of taking your car with a specialist regarding the change of bulbs, the truth is that you could save yourself this expense by carrying out this assembly on your own. Well, it’s just about taking into account the appropriate information to achieve this action.

Thus, in the first place, you will have to assess the type of headlight that your car has to access to remove the next bulb to replace easily. In this sense, check to see if your car headlight has any anti-humidity protective rubber or sealing cover. So that you can easily remove it and be able to disconnect the terminal, ensuring that you do not run any risk with the electrical circuit.

Now, if you look at the connection of the 9004 led bulb that mounted in your car, you will notice that there is a kind of clip or metal wire that firmly holds the bulb where the socket located. You must remove it to the pressure at its end and remove the bulb.

car headlight

In this way, it will be time to mount the new led bulbs. For this, you must take into account the tabs that indicate the position in which you must hook them with the wire or clip that we mentioned above so that you can leave them securely fastened, each one in the corresponding focus. The last remaining step would be to reconnect the terminal and, therefore, the protective rubber that you had initially removed to be able to mount the bulb in its place.

According to experts in the field, they recommend avoiding direct contact of the light bulbs with your fingers, especially if they are a halogen model since, in this way, they could easily lose the protection they have against the heat emitted by the motor and therefore burn.

If you do not get a new complete headlight for your vehicle, it is more difficult to retrofit it with LED low beam. As an alternative, you have the option of integrating a daytime running light into the front of the bumper. LEDs are well suited for use as daytime running lights because they save energy.

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