How to Change the Tail Light Bulbs in 2006-2012 BMW X3

In this tech article, I will show you how to replace the tail lights on your BMW X3. The tail light is in the rear fender and tailgate and includes all of the bulbs for the rear lights.

When looking at replacement or upgrade parts and bulbs for your BMW, you typically need to know which base of halogen bulbs the vehicle is equipped with, including what is the halogen base of turn signal light, and brake light, rear fog light and day time running light. Having this info, you are able to buy and replace your boring monochromatic tail lights with these bolt-on fiber optic LED tail lights and give your vehicle a sense of modern style.

Remove the Taillights Assembly

This is a 2011 BMW X3, today we’re going to replace the tail light bulb. It turns out that it’s actually really simple.

There is a button on the trunk’s side panel, push it to open the trunk and access the bulb area. There is a plastic piece covering the mounting bolts from underneath of the tail bulb assembly. You need to slide it up, but there is two nuts that hold the tail lamp, so you shall remove them out with a ten-millimeter socket.

How to Change the Tail Light Bulbs in 2006-2012 BMW X3

We’ll go ahead and remove these snap-on tools, it’s the only way to go snap-on C snap-on. You can use a power tool to remove them off as well. slide them out and unclip, push down on the tab. Slide off them that we will get the taillights out. It seems very complicated but it is actually very simple.

How to Change the Tail Light Bulbs in 2006-2012 BMW X3

Then you are able to reach the original tail light bulbs, grasp any one of them, turn it counterclockwise, you will be able to pull the bulb and socket out of the tail light assembly, then pull the bulb straight out of the socket, replace it to new led tall light bulbs, 1156 led bulb for turn signal lights, 912 led bulbs for reverse lights and so on. Then re-connect the led bulb and socket, insert them into the taillight assembly. And re-install the taillight according to what we do before. You will get it done easily, right?

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