BMW’s Smallest Crossover: 2019 BMW X2 7 Notes

BMW’s smallest crossover is a sample of how the market has evolved into more versatile vehicles and far from certain purist premises that used to characterize a German manufacturer like this.

1. It is not the first
The first thing that the closest to the brand will notice is that the X2 is one of the recent BMWs that have come out with front-wheel drive, which applies to the sDrive18i and sDrive20i versions that sold to date. It’s already happened with the Series 2 Tourer, with the X1, with the Series 1 sedan and the newly introduced Series 1 third-generation hatchback. The compact cars are compiled with two platforms (or rather three if we separate the “UKL”) when it considered that in this segment, it is not relevant where the motor force goes in the variants without integral traction.


2. Still useful
The X2 is a shorter derivation and with a more youthful design compared to the X1. There have been too many sacrifices in terms of functionality. There is less space behind and less trunk. However, it is still suitable for four adults of average size travel well with everything and 470 liters of luggage, still enough, and that does not represent greater loss against the 505 in the X1.

3. Shared genes
The synergies with the sister brand MINI are very convenient because of the cars of their size. The small British with full German engineering is among the fastest, most efficient, and fun among their rivals, which adds to a severe qualitative leap in the last four years, since the most recent generational change made. Thus, the X2 takes advantage of both the 1.5-liter three-cylinder with 140 hp and the 2.0 four in-line 192 hp of the MINI Cooper and Cooper S, respectively, which take place in the BMW X2 sDrive18i and sDrive20i. The transmission in both cases is a double-clutch with seven relationships whose operation has seemed especially refined and in turn, a great complement to two power plants of excellent response.

4. Good base
It feels like a BMW of “those of a lifetime” would be a lie, but does not mean the X2 mishandled. On the contrary: the chassis is very precise and intuitive in controls such as steering, brakes, box reactions, or suspension. Of course, there is no lack of that rigid touch but nothing that reaches an extreme that compromises its daily use, which does not prevent us from recommending attention in places like Mexico City, whose extreme holes are specialists in putting at risk the low profile of the tires run-flat.


5. Not so different
For a matter of fashion, the X2 exists and classifies as an SUV or crossover or whatever they want to call it. Still, in practice, its additional height, although valuable (they are 18 centimeters clear), is also not decisive, and its driving position is so low as in other BMWs. As happens in rivals such as a, it is a high hatchback in our view and not an SUV. Because we would also have to have a very high sensitivity or make measurements too specific to detect a serious disadvantage in their dynamic behavior put to the side of a common hatchback. Which here would be a Series 1 although the latter already built on more modern architecture (the evolution of the commented UKL).

6. Not a few options
In the last ten years, the offer of small luxury SUVs has grown to the point that in the same BMW family, there are two others. The X1 (one of the pioneers) and the MINI Countryman, a kind of cousin of this X2 with the same virtues in management but a more useful design for more diverse activities. Not to mention the Mercedes-Benz GLA and GLB, the Q3, and the Lexus UX (which we will see in Mexico in a couple of years) or the Cadillac XT4.

7. The following
Although we do not have them at the moment, more powerful versions of the X2 with 9012 led bulbs are available, such as the xDrive28i for the North American market with a two-liter turbo 228 hp (SAE), all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission (Aisin, torque converter). In addition to the interesting M35i already present in Europe or Latin America, with the same two liters stretched to 306 horses (DIN) and the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in five seconds, the direct competition of the Audi SQ2 (confirmed for Mexico) and the future Mercedes-AMG GLA 35.

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