A New Replacement for 2007 BMW X3 Bi-xenon Headlight

Today I’m going to make a guide on tips on the new x3 by hid projector headlights installation. We have a new one for new headlights assembly to be replaced. They’re brand new miss beefing, however, something that took us for a little ride and maybe some no and maybe some don’t but there is the securing mechanism for the headlight.

There is a old style of the old headlight to securing the light bulb, but the new headlights have a new style. It’s a completely different securing mechanism and it is more simple to install a light bulb than the old one.

The new headlight does not have the holder, we thought maybe the headlight was different. But all the numbers are matching after playing a little bit with the light bulb. The light bulb does work in the way, it works is it goes in in light angle and that gap fits inside that new projector headlight assembly. And you just twist in place and you don’t need to click snap in because this is the new one without the O securing mechanism. I think it is a new design for that, I like it so much.

A New Replacement for 2007 BMW X3 Bi-xenon Headlight

Now, I install it and I think it will be a great change for my X3. Before I take my vehicle on the road, I would check the things are in good condition and make sure they are ready for the road.

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