BMW X3 M40i 2019, One of the most interesting medium SUVs

One of the most balanced and interesting medium SUVs on the market is at a price that could be considered reasonable for its standards.

1. Subject of precision

Many give performance and numbers, but sensations, feedback, and understanding also matter. 

The X3 M40i gets it all because, in addition to the expected speed of what is essentially the most comfortable sports version before the radical M. You also get a rewarding drive that transcends beyond the objective data: an address at its point, perfectly adjusted in its assistance. And that gives full confidence even when circulating at maximum speed, gradual brakes in its action to the pedal and capable, and obedient, refined, immediate box when needed or a pleasant but not excessive exhaust sound. 

All those slight adjustments betray some engineers who value more than what they will show off on paper. 

2. Motor-box touching the impeccable

The six in line of BMW is one of those pieces in which it is easy to believe that it is impossible to improve it, but still, they succeed. That applies to the three-liter turbocharged B58 code that was introduced at the end of 2015 with the 340i F30 and that in the X3 M40i delivers 360 horses and 500 Nm (368 pound-feet) of torque. 

Its smooth operation, the even power delivery, the well-hidden turbo-lag, the fact that it does not lose energy at high revolutions. And the commented sound are virtues that complement each other, as we have already pointed out, with one of the best transmissions automatic industry, which in this case sends all the energy to all four wheels. 

BMW X3 M40i

3. More and more practicality

BMW does not forget that the X3 install with a 5202 led bulb low beam is an SUV; it has to live up to its purpose of carrying five people with their respective luggage. That is six centimeters longer than the second generation, and in turn about 14 above the first X3 appeared in the last decade, ensures better space in the second row and, incidentally, a 550-liter trunk at the level of what their closest competitors.

With more than 4.7 meters from end to end, the dimensions go over the X5 almost twenty years ago, measuring 4.66 m.

4. Intuitive

The arduous career among Germans is also reflected in their interiors, with unimaginable information and entertainment systems ten years ago, ranging from screens with a graphic quality that has evolved by leaps and bounds. Through the return of digital instruments, commands from a voice that can already be understood, and even gestural controls. BMW, in that sense, is at a point of balance in which they do not abuse to put everything tactile or digitalize it but rather mix some of the analogs of yesteryear with the necessary modernization so as not to saturate the more traditional users. Therefore, we believe that they have the most intuitive and easy to operate cabins among those of their kind.

5. Of the little that is missing

Not everything is perfect, and, in the best BMW style for about 13 years, a factory spare tire is omitted with the excuse of reducing weight. In return, the well-known run-flat tires put on which in case of a minor puncture (which does not destroy the flank), they can roll for a short distance at moderate speed until they find where to fix it. This solution in the context is not so useful and, in practice, nothing like having a spare wheel to continue the road normally.

BMW X3 M40i

6. High Standard

The US Spartanburg plant in South Carolina is responsible for manufacturing all X3 for the world. This result is the case with the X5, the X6, the X7, and the X4, so this factory has almost all SUVs assigned to the brand except the compact X1 and X2. So much responsibility has forced them to raise their quality standards because without going too far, the previous X3 / X4 was not so good in terms of its finishes, and the first X5 was not reputed to be the most reliable. Now, are other times.

7. Competencia Fuerte

The M40i (Price: $ 1,199,900), although well positioned in its small niche, does not have it easy: a Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 (Price: $ 1,209,900), more powerful but slower, proposes a more purist formula in terms of handling at the coast of less refinement. A Macan S (while the GTS renewed to date) is the most similar dynamic commitment in a less practical package and with a less ergonomic cabin, to close with an SQ5 (Price: $ 1,159,900) more isolated from certain sensations at the cost of presenting As a more traveling alternative.

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